Alex Reddish

Managing Director
Tribe Payments

Alex Reddish is the Managing Director of Tribe Payments Ltd; the first certified card payments platform in Europe offering Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay. Issuer agnostic, the Tribe processing platform utilises the latest technology to allow customers the ability to add and choose the modules that are function rich, flexible and put the customer in control. In addition, Tribe can provide acquiring technology, a payment gateway, a digital wallet solution and access to Faster Payments & SEPA.  

Alex brings a wealth of knowledge in payments to Tribe with experience in Issuing, Processing, Bank to Bank Payments, Payment Systems and Finance & Compliance. His former roles include Head of Issuing at Valitor; Head of Business Relations at Valitor and Head of European Business at Raphaels Bank. 

Alex strives to create innovative payment solutions by utilising an entire career of knowledge within the financial services industry. He is passionate about innovation and bringing payments and fintech into the mainstream. With an extensive background in Issuing, Alex understands the complex requirements that Programme Managers face on a daily basis and uses his expertise to help guide and support them through what can be a challenging process.