Mel Tsiaprazis

Chief Crypto Whisperer

Specializing in commercial strategy, expansion, and client relationships, Mel brings to the table the much-needed 20-years-worth of experience in corporate scaling to steer Bitstamp in the commercially most viable direction. Mel is a scale up expert, who specializes in financial services, with deep knowledge in commercial strategy, expansion and client relationships, corporate restructuring and product development, technology innovation, growth marketing and P&L growth.

Overseeing global operations and scaling-up have been Mel’s specialties throughout her career. She was the Chief Operation Officer at capital markets-scale up Nivaura, where she build digital and automated workflows, and before that the Group COO at Crown Agents Bank. Prior to that, she had been Executive Vice President at Vocalink, a Mastercard company that’s building and operating bank account-based payment systems.

Apart from driving Bitstamp institutional client crypto growth, she also works as an advisor to Fintech start-ups. Mel frequently acts as a panelist, judge, and guest speaker. She is also a champion for women in the workforce and an active supporter for inclusion and diversity – both in the workplace as well as local communities.