Michael Walters

Board Director
Paynet Malaysia

Michael is a globally experienced financial services and technology professional specialising in card and payment products and technologies, with particular recent experience in transport, x-channel and commercial payments as well as tokenisation and identity.  

Over the past decade, Michael has advised a wide range of clients, from global ride hail providers to national transport authorities, closed loop card issuers to international payment schemes, strategic investors to global PE funds. He founded and led littlepay, a payment gateway for public transport authorities and operators, which supports contactless EMV on half of all UK buses outside of London.  

Michael has also managed a global fintech fund, been the COO of a major travel payment provider, a Director (Partner) of Edgar, Dunn & Company, and has a Non-Executive or Advisory Director of numerous ‘paytechs’ internationally.   

Michael is currently working on a new start-up, advising clients in Australia and Asia, sits on the Board of PayNet (Malaysia’s national payments systems and financial infrastructure operator), and is also a member of the Financial Market Infrastructure Committee of Malaysia’s central bank, Bank Negara Malaysia.