Best Embedded Finance Project 

Target audience 

Retailers, Marketplaces, or Platforms, as well Financial Services Partners (Banks, EMIs, PIs, PSPs, BNPL, etc) or Technology Providers

Detailed definition 

Embedded finance is the integration of financial services into the customer journey of a non-financial services brand or company, such as a retailer, marketplace, product, service provider or platform.  The award for Best Embedded Finance Project is to recognise the most innovative or successful new B2B or B2C embedded finance project.  The embedded financial services product may be around lending, payments, cards, accounts, insurance or any other financial services offering.  The winning entry may be submitted by either the brand or the financial services provider, but should be about a specific implementation or project (rather than a generic platform or company capability/offering).

Please provide the following information: 

Nominee and nominator 

  • Name of nominating organisation 
  • Solution name (entry title) 
  • Name(s) of nominated organisation(s) 
  • The nature of the business relationship between you as the nominator and the nominee company 

Solution description 

The judges will assess your entry against the following criteria.  

You are free to describe the programme and support your case with supporting material as you think appropriate. However, please note that we strongly suggest NOT to submit generic promotional material and sales brochures. Please limit your submission to a maximum of 1,500 words.  

The criteria are: 

  1. How the project delivered a genuine embedded finance offering (as defined above).
  1. How the embedded finance solution has transformed the user experience.
  1. How the embedded finance project has demonstrably added value to the end-user. 
  1. How the embedded finance solution stands out from the competition, if competitors offer a similar type of offering.  If not, what are the key aspects that make the embedded finance offering unique. 
  1. How the company had clear business objectives of what it was looking to achieve and can demonstrate clearly how this was achieved in the year to March 2024.
  2. The embedded finance project has performed well and the submission is supported with quantitative data to support the statements.

Evidence of success/metrics 

Please provide as much information as you can and quote the source of that information. Such information might include the following

  • Evidence of the successful launch of the embedded finance solution/ project
  • Evidence of take up rate of the embedded finance offering by end-users
  • Evidence of benefit to non-financial services brand or company (e.g. improved customer satisfaction, increased traffic, increased conversion, reduced shopping cart abandonment, reduced cost, increased efficiency, etc.)

However, this is not an exhaustive list and in each case the judges will be looking for evidence that supports your claims as to the key benefits of the programme.