Nathalie Oestmann

Outlier Ventures

Nathalie Oestmann is a tenured scale-up chief operations executive and LinkedIn Top Voice.  She focuses on Fintech, Payments and Web3 – convinced that the three will merge into one in the near future.

Nathalie has been COO at Outlier Ventures, a Web3 accelerator venture business and at Curve OS, a payment Fintech. She was also GM and Head of Samsung Pay Europe launching the mobile payments solution across Europe. Prior to moving into the Fintech world, Nathalie worked for 15 years at American Express in a variety of roles. As VP of Global Product Marketing, she was responsible for product development and marketing for 3rd party bank partners across 55 markets. Nathalie has extensive international experience and has received recognition across the Fintech industry, including the Fintech Powerlist over many years.