Best B2B Payments Programme

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Target audience 

Schemes, Incentive Programmes, Programme Managers, BaaS providers, Brands, Virtual payment solutions, E-invoice solutions encompassing payments. 

Detailed definition 

Best B2B Payments Programme is open to any organisation that delivers B2B payments programmes either virtually or physically. This would include both scheme and non-scheme electronic funds and payment/ invoice programmes. The programmes will be issued on commercial BINs if on open loop cards schemes. The programme must be live and out of test phase at the time of submission. The programme may be new or have new features added to it during the last year. Pilot programmes will be accepted, but must clearly be described as such and the judges will be looking for evidence of success in the pilot. 

The programme may be running in any country/countries. 

Please provide the following information: 

Nominee & nominator 

  • Name of nominating organisation
  • Solution name (entry title)
  • Name(s) of nominated organisation(s)
  • The nature of the business relationship between you as nominator and the nominee company

Programme description 

The judges will assess your entry against the following four criteria. You are free to describe the programme and support your case with supporting material as you think appropriate however please note that we strongly suggest NOT to submit generic promotional material and sales brochures. Please limit your submission to no more than 1,500 words. The criteria are:  

  1. The programme provides benefit/value to a clearly identifiable customer with a meaningful problem to solve.
  2. The programme stands out from the competition either through its performance or competitive positioning/unique selling point (USP).
  3. The programme is a well thought through commercial proposition i.e., growing market, large target audience or potential for high volume within a niche target audience, scalable distribution, barriers to entry, path to profitability etc.
  4. Signs of success demonstrated through KPIs / quantifiable evidence from a reliable source.

Evidence of success/metrics 

Please provide as much information as you can and quote the source of that information. Such information might include the following; however, this is not an exhaustive list and in each case the judges will be looking for evidence that support your claims as to the key benefits of the programme:   

  • The length of time the programme has been live
  • Some quantitative measure, if relevant, on how often the programme has been used since launch until March 2022
  • The number of unique participants using the programme as of March 2022
  • Growth in use, both historical and extrapolated projections
  • Feedback from users as to their experience
  • Awards or accolades from the payments community