Kirsten Trusko

IRC Advisory

Kirsten Trusko’s career is focused on FinTech and Payments. She is Co-founder of Payments as a Lifeline – “”. PaaL is a non-profit industry coalition and “network for good” to deliver humanitarian financial aid and disaster funds to people and SMBs in need. These government, insurance, and charity funds are delivered via a Mastercard or electronically – safe, fast, and controlled for waste, fraud, and abuse.

She is also CEO of Valkyrie which holds 4 US government certifications for Woman Owned and Underserved Business.

Kirsten’s pro bono work is in anti-human trafficking. She also works with industry, and government in anti-money laundering and cyber security, she’s testified on Capitol Hill, delivered over 300 speeches, and serves on several Boards.


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Valkyrie holds 4 government certifications: WOSB, WBE, HUB, and SDB. (Payments as a Lifeline) is a 501c3 coalition of companies – delivering charity, insurance and government aid to people and communities in need.