Ravindra Meshram

Director – Strategic Alliances, Open Banking Excellence (OBE)
Co-founder - Talendeur Ltd.

Ravi is an accomplished business leader with over 25 years of Industry experience across various industry sectors including Public Sector, Energy and Resources, SMB and Financial Services Sector.

At OBE, he leads the new growth initiatives and partnerships to drive awareness and adoption of Open Banking and Open Finance globally.

As PA Ambassador and member of the PA Project Inclusion team, Ravi led the research on Financial Inclusion that touched upon the real challenges encountered by the financially underserved sections of the society and provided insights gathered from various industry stakeholders, including consumers.

He is currently leading the research under Project Inclusion on possibilities of Crypto and Digital Currencies addressing the financial exclusion.

Ravi is also a Co-founder of Talendeur Ltd., an innovative talent platform for identifying, hiring, and nurturing talent in the post pandemic workplace with special emphasis on equal opportunities, diversity, and inclusion.