Network with peers from the global payments ecosystem

We recognise that as well as wanting to be amongst the first to hear who the 20 well-deserving winners are, our EP Awards attendees also attend for the unparalleled networking opportunities with their peers. 

By going virtual in 2020, the Awards will attract a bigger, and more international audience than ever before, with an anticipated 1,000 attendees joining us for an afternoon of celebration, entertainment and networking.

How, exactly, will networking work? Well, our 1:1 networking programme, Brella, uses AI to match people together who have shared interests and mutual goals. You can then book 1:1 meetings with your top matches, and the meeting then takes place right in Brella. 

Rather than relying on chance to bump into someone relevant for your business, Brella will allow you to connect more efficiently with the people who matter to you. 

Virtual networking made easy

Top tips on using Brella:

  1. Use Google Chrome to access the event platform.
  2. Create a Brella Account. We highly recommend this option over signing in with social accounts so that you are able to receive meeting notification emails sent to your business e-mail address rather than the personal one linked to your social accounts.
  3. Customise your profile by selecting various areas of interest.
  4. Suggest a meeting with your top matches.
  5. Filter and search the attendee list by name, job title, or keyword to find more relevant connections with whom to meet.
  6. Host your meetings via video chat in the in-app Brella virtual meeting rooms.
  7. Accept the notifications pop up so you’re not missing out on any meeting requests
  8. The ceremony will take place on the ‘Stream’ tab on the day of the event. Be sure to tune in on time.

How the meetings function works

  1. Scheduled meetings are prepopulated with 20min slots between 9am – 5.20pm GMT
  2. You can only chat to someone once they accept your meeting request so we would recommend accepting and then using the chat function to either discuss further or re-arrange a day/time for your meeting.
  3. Once a meeting has been accepted you can use the ‘Chat’ option to catch up or discuss the topic/theme ahead of your meeting. You can also instant video call with the other person (but they will need to be in the platform at the same time).
  4. You can add the meetings to your calendar but note these will appear in ‘Other calendar’ so you may want to add to your profile Outlook calendar.
  5. You can Reschedule or Cancel a meeting in individual message with the other person. This will notify them by email as long as they have accepted the pop up to receive notifications.
  6. If for any reason you are struggling to use the Video function for your meeting, we recommend viewing the ‘Brella Troubleshooting’ icon below.
Schedule meetings with attendees whose interests are aligned with yours